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Jabber From The Hut - Episode 16 - Value Based Marketing

By Matthew Wood November 27, 2019 Podcast Growth marketing Jabber from the hut


Here it is... The last Jabber From The Hut episode of the year and the last episode of Season 1. 


To finish off the year, we welcome back marketing consultant Ian Brodie into the shed. Ian has recently launched his new marketing blueprint called Value Based Marketing.

The days of traditional marketing and sales, where it was all about the service offering and getting the quick sale, is long gone. Nowadays, providing some sort of value to your prospects and leads is the quickest way to their hearts (and their eventual buy in).

Myself, Jon & Ian discuss what VBM is and how it can be applied to a marketing strategy.

Make sure you take a look at https://www.valuebasedmarketing.info/ and download the blueprint. 

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Matthew Wood

Matthew Wood

Matt joined ClientsFirst in July 2016, having previously specialised in social media for a range of client-side brands; from radio, to fashion, property investment to music. At ClientsFirst, Matt gets involved with all of our digital marketing, leading the way on our clients’ social media efforts, PPC and contributing to the team on areas such as SEO, Website UX, creative development and email marketing. When he’s not our social expert, Matt focuses on his music. A keen singer, guitar, piano, bass and drum player, Matt plays live when he can and otherwise spends time in his home studio. When he needs a break from that, it’s Sci-Fi at the cinema, or a few beers at pubs around the Cheshire countryside.

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