Inbound as a case study - great comms = great events (using the new Hubspot Video!)

By Sam Turner September 06, 2018 Inbound18

If you're a client of ours or someone we've talked to over the years, then you've probably heard us talking about 'touch points' at least once or twice.

The concept is simple.

The more meaningful touch points you have with your clients, the more engaged they are, the more likely they are to stay clients for a long period time or, in the case that you're creating touch points with non-clients, the more likely they are to become your clients in the first place.

It sounds simple, but how many of us, even those of us doing this, are doing it really well?

If we have something major to communicate - say a change in interest rate, a major change at your firm or a new policy announcement, for example - how many of us put one email together, a few tweets; fire and forget? I'd suggest it's probably a pretty high number.

Hubspot's Inbound event, which I'm at in Boston this week, is a useful case study for how to avoid this and how to use one single event or piece of knowledge to create multiple touch points. If you want to skip ahead and see some of this in action instead of reading about it then take a look at the below sub-two minute video. 

(By the by - this video was created with the brand new Hubspot Video tool. It was announced at this year's Inbound event and allows you to produce easy informal videos like this and drop them into blog posts, emails, social and more. They'll be another post specifically on this along very shortly.)



There are some key lessons about this for your own communication.

Sweat the small stuff

People care about things that might seem small to you. At an event that's perhaps things like what food there will be, whether there will be a bag check or what attendees need to bring. As you can see from the video, Inbound are great at reassuring their attendees that all this is covered. What 'small stuff' does your audience care about and are you keeping them updated about it?

Never miss an opportunity

You'll see three examples of emails Inbound sent out in the run up to the main event in the video above. Now, maybe some of those could have been combined into one email, but in doing so, Inbound would have been missing out on a chance to connect with their audience. Instead, each update became a chance to remind people about the event, repeat key information and give new information. If you really wanted to, you could probably come up with one thing a day you could use as an opportunity to connect with your clients. That might be too often, but at least there's plenty of material there for a weekly or bi-weekly email!

Keep things light

The tone of the Inbound emails is informal, sometimes even jocular. Events are great... erm... events, but they can also be stressful. The communications around them should help attendees to feel relaxed about what will happen when they get here. It's the same with your communications. Even when there's bad news, it's unlikely to be absolutely the end of the world. Try to a) show the positive side and b) even if your news is neutral or even bad, you can still be friendly and relaxed - your clients will need it from you at times like this, just as we need event organisers to be relaxed and prepared for the big day!

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Sam Turner

Sam Turner

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