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Highlights from INBOUND 19 - Probably the world's best sales and marketing conference.

By Jon Pittham September 25, 2019 Growth marketing

Sales and marketing are changing at a rapid pace and technology is the fuel that is shaping the future. So when you have 26,000 sales, marketing and technology folk converging for a three day conference you know it's going to be good.

Take a look at my highlights and key takeaways in the 10 minute video below.

The video provides my thoughts, for what they're worth, on the following:

  • Experience disruptors. Brian Halligan's excellent keynote on why those that differentiate on the experience rather than the product generate hyper-growth. Examples include Uber, Simba and dollar shave club.
  • Obsessing about delivering value to the customer. Jeff Bezos is the man when it comes to this. Don't get distracted by the competition, simply have a unwavering focus on making things better, simpler and more appealing to customers.
  • Personalising everything. No longer is one to many acceptable: the tools and technology are out there to deliver 1:1 experiences at scale. Do it.
  • Reducing friction. Friction slows growth. Where's the friction in your business and the customer journey? Find it and eradicate it!
  • From all-IN-one to all-ON-one. This is particularly relevant to the HubSpot platform - they want to continue to develop an ecosystem which allows integrations at scale. We've seen this work very successfully with a number of clients. It means companies benefit from seamless data flow through an integrated tech stack. A glorious utopia for those using multiple disconnected software tools.
  • From shareholder value to long term customer value. The former is a broken model when pursued in isolation. Focusing on shareholder value creates short term thinking and behaviours, often at the expense of employees and customers, delivering long term customer value should be an organisation's primary goal. You can read more on the subject here.

And above all #growbetter. :)

Jon Pittham

Jon Pittham

Jon founded ClientsFirst in 2010 following a career in sales, marketing and operations in both plc and sme. Passionate about utilising technology to improve capability and deliver value to the customer he is a regular speaker on the subject of helping businesses and organisations #growbetter. Connect with Jon on Twitter and Linkedin

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