Google Trends - The under-appreciated marketer's goldmine

By Joe French August 24, 2018

Google Trends is an incredibly useful free tool whose potential for SEO remains largely untapped. Most marketers fail to utilise this tool’s full potential...

On the whole, Google Trends is used by people with a lot of time on their hands to find  useless trivia like how many people in Nebraska searched for Kim Kardashian at different periods of the last year.
This is a shame, because the tool is incredibly useful for content creators who want to find out what the latest hot topics are and which keywords to use.
What gives Google Trends its unique capability for your SEO is its potential to analyse the longevity of any keyword. This means that you can create content about the latest trends and be sure that they won’t fade away tomorrow.

How does it work?

Google Trends is pretty straightforward to use. In fact, it is remarkably easy. You type a search term into the search bar and use the options below the bar to narrow your search down to the criteria you want.

Then you can use the toolbar to see how relevant searches compare. Let’s use a quick example to demonstrate this.

Let’s pretend that ClientsFirst sell activity days to offices (rather than being an awesome B2B growth marketing agency). To see what keywords to use, I typed in activity days to give me some idea about how effective it would be.




From this I can see that ‘activity days’ as a search term contains some seasonal peaks, usually in the school holidays. This indicates that ‘activity days’ is a search word usually used by families so, since I am marketing to businesses, I can see that it may not be the most effective keyword to use for my company.

So, to do a quick comparison, I type in the phrase ‘team building’ into the compare box




From this, not only can I see that ‘Team Building’ is a much more popular search term, I am also able to identify that each year there is a sharp drop in searches around Christmas time.

What this tells me is that searches are lowest during the quiet Christmas period when many offices are empty, and in the preceding weeks where staff are often wrapped up in organising the annual Christmas party.

I now know that not only is ‘Team Building’ the search term with the highest average, it is also what people interested in ClientsFirst activity days are most likely to be searching.

So our content is likely to receive more relevant traffic by using ‘Team Building’ as our key phrase.


Finding hot topics

As I mentioned earlier, Google Trends is also a great way to find hot topics around what I am currently searching.

To continue on from my earlier example of ClientsFirst corporate team building days, the tool can also provide me with useful topics to target my content creation.

From the search tab, if you scroll down you will see a related topics and related queries box.

Here are the topics and queries related to the search term ‘Team Building’




Pretty cool, right? This tells me that creating content around ‘escape rooms’ would likely attract many new people to my site. What’s more, since I have selected the ‘rising’ option, rather than showing me the top related searches, Trends is showing me keywords that are increasing in interest.

Otherwise, you can select the ‘top’ option, which will display the searches with the highest interest related to your original search term.


If you don’t already think the above would help you optimise your site for Google, Trends is also a great way to find new ideas for new content.

By seeing how various search terms are doing and letting yourself fall down a bit of a rabbit hole, you can get an insight into the public’s collective thought.

You shouldn’t limit Google Trends to SEO. The tool can advise you about which subjects are likely to get plenty of reactions and shares on social media. This tactic can be used to great effect and is guaranteed to raise awareness of your company.

Being straight on the latest trends and topics gives your business an up to date feel that can give you the edge over your competitors.

An essential ally

If the above points don’t encourage you to start using Google Trends, I don’t know what will..!

Google Trends is a free gift from the search engine giant that will seriously revolutionise your content creation strategy... if you adopt it fully.

The more you use Trends, the more uses you will find for this awesome tool. In fact, we suggest that you use Trends to find relevant keywords every time you create a new piece of content.



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