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ClientsFirst Bake Sale: An Extra Slice

By SJ Hood September 30, 2019 Culture

A review of our Charity Bake sale for Mind, 27th September 2019


By the end of September, the temperature starts sinking lower and the craving for tasty treats gets stronger. So striking the Sunderland House offices in Macclesfield right in the self-discipline, ClientsFirst held our charity bake sale! As you may have heard, ClientsFirst has chosen Mind, the mental health charity, as our 2019/20 Charity of the Year and the fundraising has officially kicked off!


In the first of myriad events scheduled throughout the year, the team took to their ovens! 


Throughout the week, behind-the-scenes updates were primarily stories of mayhem and bad luck that would put the most dramatic episodes of Bake Off to shame. But we got there in the end! 


On the day, over half the team brought in sweet treats to sell while the other half of the team braced themselves for door-to-door sales in the rain. (Don’t worry, it was only across the road to another building owned by the lovely Janhill, our very sporting landlords.) We were delighted to entice many of our office neighbours and builders working nearby with a well-deserved slice of Guinness cake on a Friday afternoon and happily tempted everyone on our block with a light-as-air cheesecake! In a matter of hours, we had all but sold out and had to return to normal work.

IMG_20190927_130516 crop-1

This year, however, we added an exciting competitive aspect to the Bake Sale: the first person to sell out of an item they brought in was crowned Charity of the Year Star Baker 2019! This kept the energy high all afternoon (or maybe it was the sugar?). Although the competition was fierce and the bakers all put on a strong showing, only one charity baker could emerge victorious. This year’s Charity of the Year Star Baker was none other than our very own Fern with her Caramel Crispies which are based on a favourite bakery treat that got discontinued.


Friday’s bake sale was quite the whirlwind and a rousing success with the team raising over £130 for Mind!

Keep an eye out for more activities from your favourite growth agency, find out more about our charity of the year, or donate now.

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