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ClientsFirst at Inbound '18 - What is the Inbound event?

By Sam Turner September 02, 2018 Inbound18

ClientsFirst have gone global! Well... for a week at least. Good morning from Boston, where I'm currently stationed, ready for Hubspot's Inbound event, which begins properly on Tuesday 4th September this year.

For those who'd prefer the video introduction to what Inbound is and what I'm doing here then you can find my (slightly bleary-eyed) summary below.


The headline: those of you who travel to the States with any regularity will know that there's always a battle on the first night to stay up as late as possible and reset your body clock. The result: I lost the battle to stay up as late as possible and 'hit the sack' before 9.00pm. The real result: it was great fun being wide awake at 5.00am this morning.

Any way, the real headline, if you're not already familiar with the conference: Inbound is huge event put on by marketers, for marketers, covering the latest thinking in modern marketing, from software to approach to philosophy. Perhaps more importantly, it's a event with its heart in the right place: Inbound's stated aim is to celebrate 'the human, helpful side of business'.

And when I say huge, I do mean huge. Held at Boston's Convention and Exhibition Center, the event last year had a keynote speech by Michelle Obama and attracted over 21,000 attendees over the course of four days.

There's a prevalent desire at Inbound to do 'good' work and share thinking that not only breeds better marketers and sales people, but better people full stop (or, 'period', as the Americans would say). That might sound a little cod-sociology to you, but the positivity of spirit is infectious and the approach makes the event an extremely different experience than something held in a cold exhibition space, full of stands trying to sell you things.

Oh and there are food trucks. And they're free.

This year I'll be attending the normal mix of updates and latest thought-leadership from Hubspot (particularly important if you're one of our Hubspot clients), the keynote speeches and the input from some of the world's leading marketers in the breakout sessions that run across the four days.

I'll be hearing from author and founder of the Chopra Foundation, Deepak Chopra. Tobi Lütke, founder and CEO of Shopify. Mo Gawdet, Chief Business Office of Google X. Anjali Sud, CEO at Vimeo and many more besides, from organisations that large and much smaller, all with fantastic marketing thinking to change the way you interact with your clients.

They'll be more blogs and (probably) more bleary-eyed videos throughout the week, focusing on sharing the best things I've seen and how they can apply to your marketing and sales pushes.

Until then, I'm off to find a coffee...

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Sam Turner

Sam Turner

Sam has responsibility for ClientsFirst’s inbound and content marketing, as well as helping clients to execute their own marketing campaigns and produce engaging copy. He has a background in blogging, copywriting and social media and is always on the lookout for a story or an emerging social technology. A keen traveller, when not in front of a computer keyboard, Sam can be found planning his next trip away or, closer to home, back in front of a keyboard writing something covering film and TV.

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