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By Jon Pittham March 02, 2018 Podcast Professional services
I always enjoy watching individuals do great work. Social media provides the window through which we see people and businesses making a difference in the professional services sector we serve.  
I'll also counter this with the amount of online 'noise' created, which makes social media a very busy place these days, Finding quality and real value is not always easy. It's never been easier for 'experts' to promote their authority and provide perceived (but not actual) value to an audience eager to learn and grow. 
An individual bucking this trend in the financial services sector is Adam Carolan. In partnership with Rohan Sivajoti they created NextGen Planners, an organisation with a moral compass pointing true north. Their raison d'être seems to be helping younger financial planners learn and grow, helping them to become successful professionals who deliver huge value to the clients they work with. From everything I see they seem to be doing it pretty well.
This is a great initiative that has grown to be a national focus for younger planners and advisers. A model that could be copied in other professional services sectors with similar success.
They run a podcast that tackles different areas of interest. Having already produced 42 episodes I was delighted to be asked to join Adam in Episode 43. No surprises that it's about marketing a financial planning service. Adam's a great interviewer. You can take a listen here.
Congratulations to Adam and Rohan for all they have achieved to date, they're building a great future for the profession.
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Jon Pittham

Jon Pittham

Jon founded ClientsFirst in 2010, having previously worked in both plc and SMEs. Having started in what he describes as a ‘broom cupboard’, Jon has grown ClientsFirst from the ground up and continues to take an active role in both our own marketing and that of our clients, as well as setting the strategic direction of the business. Jon’s most difficult ‘management’ task away from the office is keeping three young offspring busy but, when he’s not doing this or anything related to ClientsFirst, he heads out into the great outdoors, with tennis, golf and running the occasional half-marathon amongst his hobbies.

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