8 gold-dust quick tips we picked up at #INBOUND18

By Sam Turner September 12, 2018 Inbound18

Quick tips that make a real difference. We love them!

Not only does Inbound feature the latest big picture thinking when it comes to marketing but many of the speakers throw in the latest tips, tricks and new knowledge that has made an impact for them. Whether it be a small tweak in what they do and how they do it, or a useful website they've found that's changed how they work, these are the best quick tips we picked up from Inbound 2018 speakers or attendees that we're already starting to put into action.

1. The 5-second rule re-imagined

Avidly are the world's largest inbound agency and they have an interesting take on the 5-second rule (which probably only means one thing to you if you have kids/were a kid and ever dropped something on the school cafeteria floor). When you think of something new you have about 5 seconds leeway before your brain begins to think of all of the reasons why you shouldn't progress with your idea. For that reason, Avidly start talking about new ideas immediately, getting them moving before the brain kicks in and kills the creativity. Give it a go!

2. Using 'the right way' in titles performs really well

Gaetano Dinardi of Saleshacker shared several SEO and marketing tips and 'hacks' that the brand has been using recently. One of the most effective performers has been using 'the right way' in blog titles. People want to do something 'the right way', so they're more attracted by a blog title such as 'Sales enablement for the legal profession done the right way', for example, than by an alternative. See if you can weave it in to your blog titles.

3. New CMS lessons and the Hubspot Designers and Developers Discovery Kit

The CMS Discovery Kit (available a little way down this page) is a 90-minute series of exercises and more that helps developers to start working with Hubspot. If you have an in-house developer then what a great way to get them started! What's more, there's two new CMS lessons in the Hubspot learning centre that can help developers to go even further.

4. Two things to add to your persona template

Jackie from Accelity talked about two new things the agency have added to their persona template; mindset and attitude. This helps them to recognise whether potential clients are a good fit for them and, in turn, what mindsets and attitudes from clients will cause them to struggle on projects. There's a valuable lesson here. Whatever our industry we've all had clients that just don't feel like a good 'fit'. Often this is probably more down to mindsets and attitudes than anything on a traditional persona. Don't yet run personas in your business? You can create one using Hubspot's free wizard.

5. CustomerCode.com and your report card

As part of Dharmesh Shah's keynote (which was extremely funny you can see both keynotes in full here), he announced the successor to CultureCode.com, a slide deck that has been viewed over 4 million times. CustomerCode.com features a new slide deck, Dharmesh's keynote and a report card that you can complete for your own company after you've been through the concepts. How did you do? Hubspot scored themselves a 7.1/10 and are using their own deck to improve their score.

6. The new Hubspot Video tool is great. Don't have Hubspot? Get Vidyard's GoVideo Chrome extension for free.

As the title says, one of Inbound's big announcements is a really dynamic way to use video within Hubspot. If you don't have Hubspot however then you can still use some of the technology behind the software for free. Hubspot's video functionality is via a direct integration with Vidyard, who have a great free Chrome extension called GoVideo. It allows you to easily capture screen recordings, camera recordings or screen and camera recordings and then share that recording in various places. It's great for demonstrating things and using in a support environment. You can see us using it here.

7. There are only 81 certified Hubspot trainers worldwide

Wow! This is just a great stat, a bit of an anomaly and a reflection that the Hubspot Trainer Certification is a bit new. There are 48,000 Hubspot users worldwide and in the Hubspot Academy community there have been over 149,000 certifications achieved, but worldwide there are only 81 certified Hubspot trainers! The good news? ClientsFirst have one trainer awaiting the results of his certification exam and one trainer part way through the course. Numbers 82 and 83 will therefore be registered shortly.

8. Powtoon for easy videos

A new one for us but Powtoon looks like a great alternative to some of the wizard-style video builders out there. We'll be trialling it shortly, so watch this space!

Sam Turner

Sam Turner

Sam has responsibility for ClientsFirst’s inbound and content marketing, as well as helping clients to execute their own marketing campaigns and produce engaging copy. He has a background in blogging, copywriting and social media and is always on the lookout for a story or an emerging social technology. A keen traveller, when not in front of a computer keyboard, Sam can be found planning his next trip away or, closer to home, back in front of a keyboard writing something covering film and TV.

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