4 free marketing tools (from Hubspot) to boost your marketing

By Sam Turner August 22, 2018

Hubspot are credited with inventing at least some of the elements of modern inbound marketing and, perhaps because of that, they’re able to offer some amazing free online marketing tools which can really revolutionise your efforts, alongside their sophisticated main products.

Because of that, having great marketing tools doesn’t necessarily mean breaking the bank. You’d be amazed at what you can achieve with the free offerings without parting with a penny.

Here’s the summary on Hubspot’s main three free offerings, plus a brand new tool they just released.

Make my Persona (new!)

Targeting your marketing at the right people is essential. The phrase ‘shoot for the moon and if you miss you’ll end up among the stars’ doesn’t (usually) hold true in marketing. Poorly targeted marketing just signifies that you have missed the people who are likely to buy your service.

Establishing a buyer persona is a great way to get the most out of your marketing. In case you aren’t aware, a buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your perfect customer. Ideally this should be based on market research.

Hubspot’s awesome ‘Make my Persona’ tool is a simple and interactive way to create your ideal buyer persona. Just input information about your ideal customers from your own experience and create a downloadable avatar that you can use to guide you in your marketing.

You can keep this avatar on your mind throughout your marketing efforts, like a little marketing angel on your shoulder advising you who to target all the time.

Hubspot Sales Hub Free

Hubspot Sales contains some powerful free software, perfectly suited to help you pursue potential leads.

Ever wondered how businesses get those handy popup chat windows in the right hand corner that instantly connect you to someone? Well Hubspot Sales Free allows you to get a Live Chat tool that packs a serious punch.

This is only one of a whole host of free features the software includes. Even cooler is the Email Tracking function. This gives you an instant notification whenever a prospect opens an email you have sent them. From this, you can gain a better idea of how engaged your prospects are with what you’re doing and when it might be best to pursue them.

To go into depth about all the free sales tool’s features is far beyond the scope of this blog so if you’d like to know more, see here for some detail (you can also click through the other Free levels of software mentioned below).

Hubspot Marketing Hub Free

Marketing Free gives you an arsenal of powerful tools, ideal for converting visitors into leads. Hubspot’s marketing software gives you information about pretty much everything a visitor does on your website.

Imagine how useful that would be: if you knew not only how many people had visited your site, but who had visited and what pages they’d been on.

If, like me, you don’t know much about coding, Hubspot Marketing Free allows you to create contact forms and pop-ups with ease. The whole idea of the software is to open up several common inbound marketing tasks to everyone, so it’s no surprise that users love it.

Hubspot’s free CRM

Last and certainly not least (this is perhaps Hubspot’s best established free tool) is Hubspot’s free CRM. This lets you generate and manage a lead funnel through tasks, Gmail and Outlook integration, email tracking, reports on contact activity and more. In short, the software allows you to change a contact from someone who looks at your page to someone who buys your service quickly and easily.

What’s more, Hubspot CRM also includes their live chat tool for free and unified inbox to pull together all of the responses to your ‘enquiries@’ or ‘sales@’ email addresses and allow your team to respond to them in the most appropriate way.

And if Hubspot provide this all for free, just imagine what they give to their paying customers!

Interested in knowing more about Hubspot’s free tools? We’re here to help. Just use the live chat box on the right, visit the contact page or book a 15-minute call with me here!

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Sam Turner

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