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Swapping the screen for a pencil and sketch pad

By cfmaster October 26, 2017 Growth marketing

October’s half day creative was enjoyed by Fern and Lizzie and we decided to swap our screens and mouse for a pencil and sketch pad. This also meant we needed to connect with our creative side… not something that comes naturally to either of us.

We decided to participate in a life drawing session.

Fern, in preparation for the class, purchased all the material we needed for this - similar to other colleagues, we turned up to the class with ‘all the gear, no idea!’

When we arrived, we were welcomed by the whole group. It was lovely to be accepted into their class even if we were only attending one class. We settled in and then the model arrived and began to set up their position. We looked at one another in horror… where do we even start! The teacher then said we needed to warm up - our minds boggled but it transpired than 'warming up' was actually drawing the model from different angles every 2 minutes.

Once we had drawn a few sketches, it was time to spend 15 minutes on one position. The teacher, Patty, walked round the class offering advice and words of encouragement for us. We started our first 15 minute drawing and both of us drew the model far too small in the centre of the page. Patty suggested that we use our pencil and close one eye to help proportion the body in relation to other areas of the model's body. So we tried this technique, still unable to create a equally proportioned body. However, it did start to get better and we looked slightly more professional!

We then began the second and third 15 minute drawing. The second model pose was reclining back on a bed. As if it wasn’t hard enough already, we were sat directly in front of her leg which was directed towards us. Patty stressed that this was a difficult position to draw. We looked around and many of the other students were creating these amazing drawings; ours really didn’t look like theirs but we were learning things about ourselves that we had never learned before. Patty came round to look at our drawings again and explained if we worked with angles and lines this would help us to structure our page. It’s a lot easier said than done, though…

Finally, the last position - the model sat with her back to us, which was great! This was the easiest position to draw (although our drawings don’t reflect this) and by this point our drawings had improved immensely.

At the end of the class we reflected back: we actually really enjoyed the session and it was a great way to distract your mind. We agreed it would be a lovely hobby and a great exercise to undertake to relax and focus the mind. We also agreed that we would both go back!

You can see our master pieces below… we don’t think we’ll be taking over the design team's job roles anytime soon…!

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