Two useful pieces of software to use when demonstrating ROI

By Sam Turner September 21, 2017 Blog

Demonstrating ROI to your board or colleagues can often be worrisome for even the seasoned marketer, but there are ways of presenting ROI which can simplify your message. Adopting softwares which enable you to automatically present clear and meaningful metrics is the new ‘norm’ (no more manually charting of data!). There’s a market full of analytic dashboards but we’d like to focus on two of our favourite ones for now, Google’s Data Studio and Cyfe.

Google - Data Studio

Google recently added a powerful new tool to their popular marketing suite. Essentially, when paired correctly with your Google Analytics, Data Studio presents your analytics metrics in a clean, fresh and pleasing way. No more having to wade through raw figures from Analytics.

There’s a variety of options in order to present your data in the clearest possible way, including time series graphs, bar charts, combo charts, pie charts, tables, geo maps and much more. You can also include your own commentary by simply adding a text box.

You can even add your firm’s logo, include your brand colours and share the interactive report with as many people as you’d like. What’s more, you only have to create one report, as once the report is set up, you can easily adjust the date range which in turn pulls in your new metrics.


Cyfe are proud to call themselves an ‘all in one online business dashboard’ and we have to admit, they really are. A Cyfe dashboard allows you to pull in data from a huge number of your online activities, such as your social media platforms, the whole Google Suite, email clients, email marketing platforms, website platforms, SEO softwares and so many more.
Similar to Data Studio, Cyfe crunches all your raw online data and presents you with convincing graphs, funnels, charts and alike. But where Cyfe perhaps dominates Data Studio is that all of your online metrics are presented in one place.

Multiple dashboards can be created, you can add your logo and share with your desired contacts. You can access Cyfe by signing up for a free account which will suit small businesses or, for larger businesses, there’s the option to go premium.


Sam Turner

Sam Turner

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Demonstrating ROI to the board

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