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Facebook ads, pinning your audience

By 27th July 2017 No Comments

We have written numerous articles on the benefits of Facebook advertising; it’s a great platform to use to define your target audience and to push your business in front of them.

One of the best features of Facebook’s platform is the ability to target your audience in a very in-depth way. You can use locations, demographics, interests and user behaviours together to show your adverts to the right people.

One of the lesser known but incredibly useful features of Facebook’s location targeting is the ability to drop a pin on a map.

You can essentially drop a pin on any location in the world and target adverts to people within the vicinity of your pin. This opens up a level of targeting that is specific and highly targeted.

Let’s take a quick example…

As a marketing agency, we attend a variety of different events and conferences. A few weeks ago, we attended Search Leeds at the First Direct Arena in Leeds, one of the biggest SEO events in the UK.

While we were there, we obviously had a little look at Facebook every now and then... who doesn’t, right? Anyway, we noticed something strange on our news feeds… There seemed to be lots of adverts about SEO jobs and digital agencies promoting themselves. Could it be just a coincidence?

Of course not!

What was actually happening was that savvy advertisers knew that there was a big SEO event on and they knew the exact location. All they had to do was set up a simple advert and drop a pin on the First Direct Arena.

So, as you can see, the potential for this type of targeting is incredible. It means that you can target select groups of people with precise accuracy at a time when they may be more willing to talk to you.

You may target an event in your industry, you may want to target people who work in a specific location or in a specific building. The possibilities are endless!

You can run the vast majority of Facebook’s advert types using this type of targeting, so you can align it with your advertising objectives.

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