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Why you should be using email marketing for more than sending newsletters

By Matthew Wood October 25, 2016 Growth marketing

Using email successfully as a marketing tool can be a tricky balance to strike. If you’re only sending out a monthly newsletter, then there’s no doubt you can be doing more; but you also don’t want to bombard your customers with so much content that they end up unsubscribing from your mailing list completely. It can also be tricky to find good examples of email marketing online, as you’ll only see it if you’re already subscribed to a mailing list which offers great content, and filtering the hidden gems from the less inspired examples can be tricky.

If you’re looking for a reason to send out emails more regularly, perhaps take a leaf out of Charity: Water’s book (or should that be inbox?). In place of boring plain text transactional emails, the charity sends out information to those who’ve donated to one of their causes about where their money has gone and what stage the project they’ve supported is at. That way customers are informed about the work Charity: Water does whilst also feeling involved.

Anniversary emails are also a great way to maintain a personal connection with your customers. Maybe it’s been a year since they first subscribed, or perhaps they’ve reached a significant milestone since they began using your services. The point is that people like receiving these emails, as it provides a sense of achievement without them having to do anything extra. Capitalising on this positivity is the next step: your customers will be more inclined to do as you ask thanks to the goodwill created through the personal touch of celebrating an anniversary.

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Subject lines and preview text which break from the norm are a great way to make your email stand out in a customer’s inbox. The best ones will capture your brand voice and image putting both across before the message has even been opened. If you’re looking for good examples of both, have a look at BuzzFeed’s subscription emails for inspiration.

professional-services-marketingThese are just a few examples, which have hopefully given you an idea you can use yourself or have sparked a creative thought of your own. The key point is to make your email marketing regular, engaging and meaningful, all of which will of course be individual to your business. If you’re after further advice on jumpstarting your company’s approach to email marketing, please feel free to get in touch with us directly.

Matthew Wood

Matthew Wood

Matt joined ClientsFirst in July 2016, having previously specialised in social media for a range of client-side brands; from radio, to fashion, property investment to music. At ClientsFirst, Matt gets involved with all of our digital marketing, leading the way on our clients’ social media efforts, PPC and contributing to the team on areas such as SEO, Website UX, creative development and email marketing. When he’s not our social expert, Matt focuses on his music. A keen singer, guitar, piano, bass and drum player, Matt plays live when he can and otherwise spends time in his home studio. When he needs a break from that, it’s Sci-Fi at the cinema, or a few beers at pubs around the Cheshire countryside.

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