How to use Snapchat for digital marketing

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Back in 2011, Snapchat burst onto the digital scene! Initially, it was seen as just another niche photo sharing platform for millennials, the premise being you take a picture or video and send it to your friends; after a time limit (maximum 10 seconds), this picture or video would then disappear forever.  

But over the years, a lot of things have changed and evolved.

Snapchat now has more daily active users than Twitter which is a huge feat and earlier this year, Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel said, ‘It has 8 Billion video views a day’ - that’s neck and neck with Facebook which dwarfs Snapchat on active users but it looks like it will only increase further as it starts to monetise its platform more and more.

So how can Snapchat marketing benefit your business? That’s a big question and when looking at Snapchat initially, you might just pass it off as something for big consumer brands and the younger generation… Well, that just isn’t the case anymore.

With Snapchat’s newer features like ‘Snapchat story’ and geofilters, it’s more accessible and useful than ever.

Use it to tell your businesses story

So you have taken the leap and set up an account; great!

The hardest part of any social media platform is deciding on content but with Snapchat, it’s incredibly easy. You can’t upload images or video, you can't post any blogs, you can only use your phone's camera, and either hit record or take a picture; you can then overlay your picture with a small amount of text or you can add one of Snapchat's many filters and geo-filters over it.

Your imagination is the limit but a strategy that many businesses take is to tell a daily story showing behind the scenes of the business.

It could be a 5 second clip of the daily office meeting, a team lunch or an interview with the MD! It adds a sort of daily transparency to the company which is what works very well on social media.

Set up your own Geofilter

It’s likely that when you think of Snapchat and filters, you think of the crazy selfie face animations you can make with the app.

Probably a term you don’t come across very often; geofilters are unique to Snapchat in that you can let people know where you are through a unique filter. Snapchat tracks your location so you can only use geofilters in the areas permitted. For example, you couldn’t use a Macclesfield geofilter if you are down in London.

The great thing about them is that businesses can create personalised geofilters to advertise either their own business or an event.

It’s a really fun way to add a personal touch for people interacting with your business who use Snapchat. Create yours here.


Snapchat for digital marketing
Macclesfield Geofilter


Use it to communicate with your clients in a unique way

The clue is in the name! Snapchat is all about interaction and getting your audience to interact with you. While at first it might seem a bit alien to only communicate using pictures, it’s something that gets easier the more you do it.

You can use Snapchat to not only inform your customers and audience in a fun way, but you can also run things like competitions. It’s a whole new way of connecting with your target audience.

Snapchat can add some fun into your brand

This is probably one of the main reasons that many corporate businesses don’t really embrace Snapchat.

Snapchat often has a perception of being quite informal, laid back and fun! But at the end of the day, it’s all down to how you use it and what sort of content your audience connects with.

Don’t look at Snapchat as another channel that you have to make content for out of necessity… Look at it as a way of having fun and showing your audience a more informal side to your business compared to what they have seen on your other channels.

Still not sold on Snapchat for digital marketing?

With 71% of Snapchat’s users being between 18 and 34, Snapchat is looking to be the future of social media and is the strongest contender to take the throne from the all powerful Facebook.

While at the moment it may still have a primarily millennial audience, if Snapchat's audience continues to grow at its current rate, you will soon see the older generation start to embrace it, as they have done with the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp.

So why not jump on board now, get a head start and build up an audience. Need a hand setting up your own Snapchat marketing campaign? Drop us a line!

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