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Project Success: Step inside the world of Capital

By ClientsFirst March 21, 2016 Growth marketing

When everyone says they’re different, how do you show you are?

Unique, totally original, a breath of fresh air. Have you heard it all before? But what if a company really is just that little bit different? How do you convey that in one simple website? This was the challenge laid before us by Capital Asset Management, a boutique financial planning firm based in College Hill, London.

Capital are leaders in their field and extremely progressive. So the task for us was to vividly portray them as standing head and shoulders above other financial planning firms in the same arena.

The directors came to us knowing their existing website was a little outdated. Living up to their reputation as being forward-thinking and groundbreaking, they wanted to stay ahead of the game. They were also anxious to future proof the site, knowing all too well that in the world of digital, things change very quickly and sites can soon look old-fashioned - not something they could afford in their world.

The brief stated that the site should be best in class. No pressure there then! But we totally agreed. It should be brave, new, dynamic and set them apart. But we wanted to go further. We wanted to give them a site that would be rated as innovative and impactful, regardless of business category. Great sites shouldn’t just belong to trendy design companies or craft-ale brands. Financial planning sites can turn heads too!

Making people stop and take notice

We wanted the user to become totally immersed in the world of Capital from the moment they landed on the site. Our aim was to make the website visitor really stop and engage with what they saw.


We were also keen to communicate two things about Capital to their audience; firstly, that they were just ordinary people like you and me; not stuffed shirts, breadheads or City boys. Secondly, we wanted to impress upon anyone visiting the site that Capital had the knowledge and experience needed to take care of their business.

Capital - the movie

And so we produced a high-end video for the home page to set the right atmosphere from the outset. This was designed to be extremely engaging and visually appealing, with high energy, a strong narrative drive and original images.

The film acts as the perfect showcase to demonstrate who Capital are, where they fit in the world and what their approach is. It also gives a view of business life in London, with a slant towards the West End, Midtown, Shoreditch, Old Street, as well as the City. We shot some classic icons along the way, the river, the Millennium Bridge and the Shard, but also close-up scenes in offices, member clubs, restaurants, taxis and streets, all framed by our director.

You’ll see each scene contains a little secret that ties Capital to that special London moment - something that speaks for Capital’s close connection with the life of business in London, which is, after all, currently regarded as the ‘Capital of the World’.

capital 1

The target audience’s ‘life imagined’

In terms of route to market, Capital gain most of their clients through referrals or personal recommendation. It was clear the site was going to be visited mainly by people who were specifically looking for it. When they arrived, the site had to appeal to this select demographic - smart, metropolitan, media-centric, informal, elite.

The site had to look right graphically for this particular target audience. It had to work in the right way in terms of its User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX). It had to have the right content, that was of high quality, relevant and original. Above all, it had to feel right. The type of people Capital were appealing to had to feel at home.

capital 2

For the main body of the site, we used a one-page parallax-scrolling site, which works well with homepage video. We chose an original menu style and ensured the navigation used was simple and intuitive. All the content pages below the video feature wry and carefully-crafted headlines. The type of photography used was specifically chosen to ensure that Capital’s target audience would identify with them more than with other financial planners. To achieve maximum impact, we used hero images and combined with quirky, thought-provoking copy. The message runs through the site that the target audience are unique... but so are Capital.

A tale of two sites

One of our principal objectives was to keep the main site clean and simple. In line with Capital’s ethos of doing things well, giving excellent service and providing high value, we wanted the site to reflect that by being slick and smooth. However, this gave us the dilemma of how to achieve this but not go into lots of detail, while at the same time demonstrate their financial expertise and knowledge.

To protect the feel of the ‘main’ site, we therefore recommended that two sites should be built.

And so LifeCapital was born

The second site is a journal site, a subdomain in fact, linked with the main site in both directions, but with it’s own name and character. It has a family resemblance to the main site, just more stripped down and is where you will find all their news, articles, videos, downloads, white papers and more detailed staff biographies. It’s interesting; informative; provocative.

And what do Capital think of it...?

It’s always good to talkcapital 3

If you’d like to know more about this particular project or how we could help create a site that would bring your visitors into your world, then do contact us - we’re always happy to meet up for a chat over coffee.



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