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Project Success: Innovative new website for cutting edge CRM company

By ClientsFirst February 19, 2016 Growth marketing

How to introduce the awesomeness of Curo?

Norwich-based Software and Development consultancy, Time4Advice, needed a new website to showcase their revolutionary CRM system, CURO, with its cutting edge technology. They had a dilemma though. Just how should they go about conveying the sheer sophistication of something so special when all the websites they came across just looked a bit ‘same-old, same-old’?

Well, we love a challenge and were intrigued by the brief, so were delighted to step up to the plate to design a website that would be as new and advanced as the system they were selling.

The nub of the challenge

For Time4Advice, it was important that they stood out in a competitive marketplace. After discussions with them, we decided the best way to do this was by ‘showing the experience’ rather than focusing on the in-depth technology. Although keen to show their attention to detail, Time4Advice were also anxious that the website didn’t get bogged down in the nitty gritty, conveying the benefits of the technology rather than just the features.

They also wanted to show relatively small professional advice businesses that they too could access the advantages of a system, which may previously only have been available to larger firms. The website needed to reflect them as being approachable and accessible.

Are you sitting comfortably…?

In the light of all these factors, we decided it was appropriate to deliver a site with a strong, storytelling approach. And so we produced a high-end video for the home page - the whole cafe scenario sets an inviting, welcoming atmosphere right from the outset.


A key message was to highlight the superiority of Curo’s technology in contrast to human inadequacies, illustrated by little touches like the man in the background of the video dropping the parcels.

We gave the site a fresh and contemporary ‘look and feel’ so that it would differentiate itself from other websites offering CRM solutions. We also included an interactive video area where the user could get hands-on experience of the system.

To give the concepts maximum impact, we used carefully selected bespoke hero images, rather than stock photography, and displayed them full screen. These, together with the quirky copy, produce an eye-catching effect on each page.


We also concentrated on providing a smooth interface for the user, by providing neat, clean options with easy functionality. The dual navigation, with visual signposts throughout the site, also helped with this.

Did we cut it?

Not only did the client love the contemporary ‘look’ of their new site, but the statistics demonstrate it is performing extremely well too.

Nearly 50% of Time4Advice's visitors continue their ’journey’ past the homepage. The Google analytics also show that over the last six months, users consistently spend an average of 2.36 minutes on the site, well above the average of just 15 seconds*, which fulfils the objective to encourage interactivity.


Join our fan club?

So in the true cafe style of this website, if you fancy finding out more over a coffee about how we can revolutionise your website, contact us here.



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