NewsFirst - things you need to know this week; can registration forms lose you prospects, Google Authorship and more!

By Sam Turner September 10, 2013 Blog Content marketing News NewsFirst

Our regular round-up of great content from around the web is back and this time we're talking using (or not using) registration forms in your marketing, Google Authorship and many other hot topics.

Using a 'register' form to bulk your mailing list may actually be losing you prospects

So argues this blog post, which highlights that requiring people to input their data in exchange for your content can lead to many of them going elsewhere. If you market your firm using the methods discussed then it's arguable that the most important thing is getting your content out there, rather than trying to collect details. What say you: registration form or no form?

Google Authorship can already substantially impact Google rankings

We've spent quite a lot of time recently talking to clients about implementing Authorship, with all of the signs pointing to the fact that Google's-muted Author Rank system will piggy back on to it at some point. Whilst we're waiting for that to happen though, it should be noted that Authorship on its own can have a big impact on your content's performance; including damaging it, if you don't apply it properly. This article has more on the strengths of Authorship and the dangers of getting it wrong.

New ClientsFirst guide: Blogging for Professional Advisers

We've recently released the latest in our series of guides for professional advisers. This new guide focuses on blogging and contains insight on how you can turn mundane topics into interesting, opinionated articles and where you can publish those articles once you've written them. The guide is easy-to-read and might even have something useful for those of you who are already seasoned bloggers!

How much marketing can you do yourself?

The actual title for this Adviser Lounge article is 'How marketing works', but essentially Pete's piece is discussing how much marketing you can do yourself and how much you need to rely on outside help. It's well worth a read and our MD Jon has left a comment at the bottom.

Iranian ministers sign up for Facebook pages.

Social media is so popular it's even being taken up by the new cabinet of a country where the site they're using is supposed to be banned!

By Sam Turner. Sam is ClientsFirst's Marketing Executive and writes here on topics including; inbound and content marketing, social media, design and e-marketing. He likes all of those things as well as travel, golf and frequent cups of tea. You can find him on , Twitter & LinkedIn.

Sam Turner

Sam Turner

Sam has responsibility for ClientsFirst’s inbound and content marketing, as well as helping clients to execute their own marketing campaigns and produce engaging copy. He has a background in blogging, copywriting and social media and is always on the lookout for a story or an emerging social technology. A keen traveller, when not in front of a computer keyboard, Sam can be found planning his next trip away or, closer to home, back in front of a keyboard writing something covering film and TV.

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