SEO and social media and why marketing is all about doing lots of things well

By ClientsFirst July 17, 2013 Content Social media Blog Content marketing SEO

This article on SEO and social media, and how each aids the other, gained some traction after it was published earlier in July. There's a certain level of irony then that, despite that fact, when I came to search the Business2Community site for it, I couldn't find it.

In the end, having waded through many, many articles on the same topic, browsed through several search result pages and generally wasted a lot of time, I did find the article and it reminded me of conversations we've had with clients recently about making sure that all of the elements of your marketing set-up are operating in harmony.

The cluttered Business2Community website made it very difficult to find the article I was looking for, rendering their no-doubt fantastic Search Engine Optimisation and very impressive social presence fairly pointless, at least in my case.

SEO and social media do work well together, as the article details, and it's yet another reason for professional firms to investigate whether one or more of the social networks might be for them. A presence on Google+, in particular, can work for professionals who are planning to market themselves as 'thought leaders', with Google's Authorship system allowing you to have your photograph feature in search results, amongst other benefits.

As per my experience on Business2Community though, it's important to make sure that you are covering the entire marketing spectrum, or at least as much of it as makes sense to you and your clients.

If you're not going to be blogging on your site, for example, then it might be that you don't have a regular stream of interesting content to discuss on your social networks. In that case, are you sure you want to spend a lot of time using social to boost your SEO?

If you do, then what will the client's final experience be like once they arrive at your site? Is the key information easy to find, is your site organised and presented exceptionally? If not, is there much point in trying to drive people towards it?

These are all difficult questions to consider, but they're also vital ones. Mentally connecting the success of your SEO with the success of your social media is a great start to making sure your marketing all sends out the right message, but it's just that: a start. Time to get out there and connect the rest of it!

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