NewsFirst - Things you need to know this week; Accountants are anarchists and our new paint job!

By Sam Turner July 01, 2013 Blog News NewsFirst

Welcome to NewsFirst, our new regular round-up of great reads around everything we do and brief snippets about what we at ClientsFirst have been up to recently. Let us know what you think in the comments!

For now, though, onwards with last week’s news; everything from James Bond-alike accountants to one of the most unique business cards you’ll ever see.

Financial writers and financial advisers swap places

Two articles on AdviserLounge last week were worth taking note of for all professionals, as a financial adviser questioned whether the rise of blogging is starting to see the end of journalists in his industry and a journalist wondered if new legislation is starting to see the end of the advice professions. If nothing else, it’s a cast iron guide on starting conversations (just have a glance at the comments).

Accountants are apparently ‘the James Bond of audits, the Lara Croft of hidden secrets’

Or so says this article by Brett Scott, attempting to re-interpret the image of the accountant and running under the headline, ‘Accountants as anarchists’. It’s a great piece all about presentation and changing perceptions, something a blog or news section on your site can make possible.

Ad spend growth rates continue to fall

Worldwide ad spends are continuing to fall, as companies recognise that alternative channels like content and social can pay similar dividends at a fraction of the cost. The UK sector is forecast to grow just 3.4% in 2015, though we’re still keener on ads than some of our European friends; The Netherlands is forecast to grow just 0.8% in the same year.

Your new business card?

BBC technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones was handed this clever card at an event he attended. It’s good enough as it is, but look what happens when you Google for its owner...

Video shoots for two clients

You might have seen Jon tweeting from the set of our latest video shoot where not one, but two, clients came to film on-camera pieces for their websites. We’re seeing more and more people interested in video marketing now, as firms continue to realise the potential in visual marketing.

We’re getting excited about paint

No, not the Microsoft variety. We’re painting one of our office walls very soon (yes, just one - it’s expensive paint). Normally, of course, this wouldn’t be worth a mention but this isn’t just any paint... pictures to follow shortly.

Top secret project kicks off, this is part of our inspiration

This project is so special, we can’t really tell you anything about it yet... apart from the fact that this video wall’s brilliant ‘ticker’ effect is part of the inspiration behind some of the design work. We’ll reveal more soon!

Sam Turner

Sam Turner

Sam has responsibility for ClientsFirst’s inbound and content marketing, as well as helping clients to execute their own marketing campaigns and produce engaging copy. He has a background in blogging, copywriting and social media and is always on the lookout for a story or an emerging social technology. A keen traveller, when not in front of a computer keyboard, Sam can be found planning his next trip away or, closer to home, back in front of a keyboard writing something covering film and TV.

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