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Online video - getting the basics right

By ClientsFirst March 26, 2013 Social media Video Webcast Websites Communication Digital marketing Growth marketing

Online video is growing in popularity and it brings a great opportunity for professional firms to engage and build trust with site visitors.

Video can be used in different format - to tell a story, share expertise or as an introduction to the business. Many different formats work; here are four options:

Face to camera

Use this method to introduce your business and build trust with your viewer. This approach often has the business owner or senior partner speaking directly to camera. It's a great format for short pieces and the 'human' element is engaging. It helps if the individual in front of the camera is an engaging and confident speaker. Long sections of speech can be helped by editing them with animation to create bite-sized chunks of information.


Great for making the complex, simple.  Animated videos tend to be very engaging for the visitor, adding value to the visit to your website. They're great for telling a story, perhaps of the way you work or the history of your business.  They're good for educating your audience; the visitor will often remember more when presented with an animated video.

Concept or brand videos

This style of video can also be very engaging.  Use it to provide the visitor with an overview of the business.  This type of video helps position the business, its culture and values.  This style is adopted by many large firms in their corporate videos but it can be used to great effect in smaller firms. It's really important to be authentic - many corporate videos look similar; different and bold is good.

Client videos

There is no better advocate of your services than a satisfied client. Testimonials from clients can be used to great effect to help convince prospects and visitors that you do a great job.

If you're creating video, there are some important considerations to bear in mind: whichever approach you take don't make them too long, as a general rule 90 seconds is plenty for most video. They need to look professional, they don't need to be box office quality but neither should they be an amateur home video! Remember, how you present your business and services has a direct reflection on the visitor's perceived value of those services.



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