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It’s not WHAT you do or HOW you do it, it’s WHY….

By ClientsFirst May 30, 2012 Communication Email marketing PR Sales Growth marketing

The advisory market is evolving and firms are increasingly looking for ways to ‘add value’ to clients and differentiate their services. Coupled with this is the focus on gaining new clients, the catalyst for growth.

The old model of business promotion was to talk about WHAT you do. The ‘here it is’ approach, no ambiguity, ‘what you see is what you get’.

The next step was to differentiate by the way you do things – HOW you do it, typified by statements such as, ‘we have a team of experts that help us provide you with the best advice’ or ‘our six step advice process ensures we fulfil your requirements, whatever they are’. These go some way to allowing the consumer to differentiate and tell a little more about the business but they don’t go far enough; they don’t connect with what is really important to the client.

This is where the WHY comes in, the most powerful sales tool you have in promoting your business.

The WHY is the piece of the jigsaw that connects you emotionally with your client or prospect - it promotes the depth of your business, its values and culture. WHY are you in business? WHY do you make a difference to clients? If the answer to the WHY question is that you’re in business solely to make money, then you’re unlikely to connect at the right level with clients. If the answer to the WHY question is that ‘you are passionate about changing clients lives by releasing them from the burden of money’, then this is a very different story.

Introducing the WHY into the mix enables the prospect to start asking the questions that matter most to them; do I like these people? Do I trust them? And importantly, do I respect them? The WHY has to be authentic because authenticity builds TRUST.

Take a look at the way you present your business. Does your marketing collateral focus on what you do, how you do it and most importantly WHY you do it? Remember authentic and regular communication ultimately leads to TRUST, which is the cornerstone to building long-standing relationships crucial to a successful business.



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