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Are you authentic?

By ClientsFirst February 07, 2012 Social media Marketing Growth marketing

Digital communication plays an increasingly large part in our everyday lives and in business it's often adopted as a core strategy for developing customer service, marketing and business development activities.

As social media starts to play a bigger part in the communications mix, it is becoming far easier to build online relationships with clients and prospects.  One of the challenges of social media and eCommunication is that it is far more difficult to control who receives your message and sees your brand.

In the traditional paper based world you could send out communication safe in the knowledge that it would be received by the recipient and go no further; there was no 'retweet' or 'forward to a friend' button.  You were able to target the message accordingly.

The digital world is very different. Once a tweet, eNewsletter or blog post is 'out there', it can go anywhere and be read by anyone...and everyone!  For me one of the most appealing aspects of social media and eComms is the ability for a message to be read by a wide audience; for it to go 'viral', and at very little cost.

With this new world there is real danger of your message coming back to bite you.  A simple tweet meant for one recipient may be read by someone with very different circumstances and as such they interpret it in a very different way, with possible consequences.

Be authentic

The easiest way to avoid mixed messages is to be authentic.  Don't 'spin' what you do, what your business is, or try and be someone you're not. If you remain true to yourself and your business then you'll be ok.

By being authentic you'll be consistent; you'll attract followers or clients who like what they hear as they share your beliefs and values.  Having this commonality in what you think and feel builds trust, the relationship utopia in the professional world.

So go on, just be yourself.



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