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Screw It Let's Do It

By ClientsFirst June 22, 2010 Growth marketing

What do Richard Branson, Dita Von Teese and wing walking all have in common? Well, they are the latest power combo thrown together to reinforce the Virgin brand.

Never one to shy away from the media limelight, Mr Branson recently teamed up with the burlesque model to celebrate ten years of nonstop flights from London to Las Vegas on Virgin Atlantic.

Renowned for attracting media interest with his marketing tactics, this stunt certainly didn’t escape the prying eyes of the worldwide media. They were present to capture every second and Virgin simply lapped up the rewards that came their way afterwards.

In addition to demonstrating a rather ingenious PR stunt, there are some really useful messages about ‘brand reinforcement’ here. Virgin remains one of the most successful privately held corporations in the UK and indeed, the world, partly through luck and partly through the effort of the man behind one of the most recognisable brands in history.

If you are sending out a regular eNewsletter, make sure it reflects your brand - include your logo, keep consistent with the colour and font and make a blueprint of your website.

Don’t include anything in your e communication which could trigger doubt, scepticism or confusion, ensure everything is consistent and on message.

Provide value for your reader. Interesting articles are more likely to get a better response than one-off promotions.

Keep it regular and once you start, don’t stop. Readers of e communication come to expect; don’t ruin those expectations because of doubt or laziness.

Finally if in doubt, take a leaf out of Richard’s book and live by his mantra - ‘Screw it, let’s do it’.



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